Speaker Profile

Senior Director, Broad Genomics Alliance Management

Jane oversees the Broad Genomics alliance management team managing external collaborations and partnerships from large pharmaceutical companies to small biotech start-ups. In this role Jane acts as an advocate for the relationship and assists in the ongoing successful implementation and management of partnerships. Jane has over 20 years of high-throughput genomics experience from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Genome Center, UK where she was an early leader on the Human Genome Project and at Monsanto Company, USA where she led a new directive in plant genomics. Jane has been at the Broad Institute for fifteen years and has worked on various initiatives including the Mouse Genome Project, Cancer, Mendelian, Infectious and Common disease initiatives.


Tackling All Challenges from a Single Sample to Large Clinical Studies
Broad Institute Genomics Services provides the genomic data needed to support the research community. We offer a full suite of detection and data generation services ranging from an industry leading Whole Genome, to FFPE specialization. We will highlight the following; our process development to tackle difficult samples, our capabilities in managing high volumes of data generation and analysis and our approach to globally collaborating with researchers to drive them closer to the cure.