Speaker Profile

M.D., Director of Clinical Genomics, Geisinger Medical Center

Dr. Mike Murray is board certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Genetics and he joined Geisinger Health System as the director of clinical genomics after serving on the faculty at Harvard Medical School and as the clinical chief of genetics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston for nine years. Mike was born and raised in Philadelphia PA. He earned his medical degree at Penn State Hershey, and went on to do additional training at Cleveland Clinic, University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard Medical School. At Geisinger he is leading the GenomeFIRST return of results program for the over 125,000 patient participants who undergo Genomic Sequencing as part of the MyCode Community Health Initiative. This project builds on the collaboration between Geisinger and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, but is funded outside of that research collaboration through internal Geisinger support, external grants, and generous donations. The GenomeFIRST return of results program expects to deliver important risk information based on genetic sequence back to between 2-4% of MyCode participants in its initial phase.


GenomeFIRST and Risk-Based Healthcare
The sequencing of over 90,000 adults for drug discovery research at Geisinger has provided the opportunity to then use this genomic data to identify and manage disease risk within the healthcare system. The return of genomic results program is delivering results to participants of the MyCode initiative with a focus on cardiovascular and cancer risk. This work is modeling some of the potential approaches to care that could result from larger population screening such as the “All of Us” Precision Medicine Initiative.

Session Abstract

Session Synopsis: Technology and cost revolutions enable large-scale genomics that now has the potential for accelerated and improved drug discovery and development supported by human genetics. Validated large-scale human genetics applications in drug development include indication discovery, target discovery, and pharmacogenetics-based biomarkers.