Speaker Profile

Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patient, Legal Technician, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Nicole Russell is a 37-year-old Mother and Wife. She was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in February 2016. She was diagnosed with an 8cm by 3cm lung tumor, mets to the pelvis, spine and brain. She tested positive for the EGFR genetic mutation and was prescribed Erlotinib, a targeted therapy in March 2016. By May 2016, her brain mets were gone, her bone mets were healing and her lung tumor was shrinking. She has since remained on this targeted therapy for 14 months, with no lung tumor visible and all other mets healing or gone. She has worked full time since started the Targeted therapy and maintains a new normal of lifestyle at home with her family. She likes to connect with other Lung Cancer Survivors to ensure they are getting the right testing done at diagnosis, being aware of all their options and just being there for any support that is needed. Nicole is a fighter who realizes what went wrong during her initial diagnosis and hopes to ensure that others that are going through the same situations have a more informed experience.

Session Abstract

Session Synopsis: Advancing precision medicine is ultimately about ensuring patients get state of the art care for their personal health situation, and too few patients receive that now. Obstacles are reimbursement issues and awareness; not just among physicians, but also patients and family members. Patients can be allies of industry and researchers to overcome these obstacles and patient-activists are already at work on this. Learn about the Precision medicine for Me initiative bringing together numerous patient groups and industry leaders to accelerate positive change and save and extend the lives of people living with complex illnesses.