Speaker Profile

M.D., MACC, Vice Chancellor for Clinical and Translational Research, Duke University

Dr. Califf serves as the Vice Chancellor for Clinical and Translational Research at Duke University. Previously, Dr. Califf provided executive leadership to the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research and oversaw the Office of Special Medical Programs at the FDA. He also served as director of the Duke Translational Medicine Institute and founding director of the Duke Clinical Research Institute. A nationally and internationally recognized expert in cardiovascular medicine, Dr. Califf has led many landmark clinical trials and is one of the most frequently cited authors in biomedical science. Dr. Califf has also served on the boards of several national health institutes.

Session Abstract

Session Synopsis: Many precision medicine initiatives at medical centers, foundations, and providers are aggregating vast amounts of medical data. What are the challenges of creating a universal approach to data sharing versus private and/or proprietary approaches that are trying to differentiate themselves? How do we accumulate and share data effectively without interfering in patient rights? Speakers will cover these questions and more.