Speaker Profile

Chief Patient Officer at Antidote in London and New York

As the Chief Patient Officer at Antidote in London and New York, Sarah has one of the best jobs in the world, helping patients all around the world get access to promising new treatments through clinical trials. Recent highlights include collaborating with the Cancer Moonshot Team at the White House. Sarah is also co-leading a unique grassroots collaboration called Precision Medicine for Me, aimed at making sure that every cancer patient gets the right tests and the best available treatment or trial.

Session Abstract

Session Synopsis: Advancing precision medicine is ultimately about ensuring patients get state of the art care for their personal health situation, and too few patients receive that now. Obstacles are reimbursement issues and awareness; not just among physicians, but also patients and family members. Patients can be allies of industry and researchers to overcome these obstacles and patient-activists are already at work on this. Learn about the Precision medicine for Me initiative bringing together numerous patient groups and industry leaders to accelerate positive change and save and extend the lives of people living with complex illnesses.