Speaker Profile

M.D., Associate Director of Drug Development and Physician Lead of Personalized Medicine, Sarah Cannon Research Institute

Dr. Bauer joined Sarah Cannon and Tennessee Oncology in 2012, and since that time has grown his practice with a heavy emphasis on phase I clinical trials; he serves as the principle investigator on numerous of these studies. Filling a much-needed niche, he is the primary resource to the oncologists of Tennessee Oncology for consultation on molecular results and available clinical trials based upon those results, as well as emerging technologies in the personalized medicine field.

Session Abstract

Session Synopsis: Patient engagement is rapidly emerging as a force that will shape the future of the healthcare industry. So why is patient participation/engagement important? This session – featuring a physician, a clinical trials operator, and a technology provider – will focus on the latest advancements and technologies that help with patient engagement, such as learning about molecular profiling tests, obtaining medical data, and finding the right clinical trial.