Speaker Profile

Ph.D., M.D., CEO, M2Gen

Dr. Dalton is interested in the development of personalized cancer care and patient-centered outcomes research and developing evidence-based, personalized cancer treatments and information/decision tools for patients and clinicians. In 2014, the Moffitt Cancer Center, in partnership with the James Cancer Center at the Ohio State University, founded the cancer center alliance called ORIEN, Oncology Research Information and Exchange Network, with the goal of accelerating cancer research discovery by sharing information and delivering hope through collaborative learning and partnerships. There are now fifteen cancer centers that have joined ORIEN. He is the past CEO of Moffitt Cancer Center (2002-2012). He is the past-Chair of the Personalized Medicine Coalition and current Chair of the Institute of Human and Machine Cognition. Dr. Dalton’s research interests focus on molecular mechanisms of drug resistance and drug discovery. He has over 200 publications and has patents in the fields of drug discovery and computer/information networking.

Session Abstract

Session Synopsis: Many precision medicine initiatives at medical centers, foundations, and providers are aggregating vast amounts of medical data. What are the challenges of creating a universal approach to data sharing versus private and/or proprietary approaches that are trying to differentiate themselves? How do we accumulate and share data effectively without interfering in patient rights? Speakers will cover these questions and more.